Surprise! Item

BMore Surprised!

Do you like surprises? (besides global pandemics). Well that's what you'll get with the Surprise! Item: one hand-picked Baltimore small business item, based on your chosen theme
Deadlines for May 10th delivery: 
- Local (Baltimore) orders: Tuesday, May 5th, 5pm
- Non-Local orders: May 4th, 8am
Note: In order to preserve quality, items with perishable or fragile food can only be shipped to addresses in Maryland
$ 20.00 USD

Yeah, we know, we were all surprised by how these last few months went down. But surprises aren't all bad - especially this one! Spice up your life - or that of your loved one, or a local healthcare worker - with the BMore Baskets Surprise! Item

Pick a theme below, and we'll choose a Baltimore small-business item that fits. We'll send it with an adorable card, and then you can tell all of your friends about how amazing Baltimore's small businesses are.

Send them to your employees, loved ones, or yourself - the only thing we guarantee is that the Surprise! Item will spark joy in the life of whoever receives it.

Thought you were clever huh? Thought we were going to give away the surprise in the "Items Included" tab?

Nope! The Surprise! Item is a SURPRISE! Be spontaneous - just order it. We even let you pick your favorite theme.
Included in the Box:
Included in the Basket:
Included in the Bundle:
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No items found.
Note: Product availability varies based on a lot of things beyond our control. You might not receive these exact products, but you'll receive something very similar from the same or another local business
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